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Street actor and serigrapher, adept of alternative cultures, RNST explores and plays with urban art in various forms: graffiti, posters, collages, stencils. He actually took over the street with the silkscreen printing (display) and the stencil. His workshop is a laboratory in which he mixes recipes, colours and genres. RNST's speech and work are imbued with two constants: provocative and romantic. With multiple influences, a lover of all kinds of media and especially of recovery, his creative work is a direct link between the street and the studio. Current events and public space must not escape us, this is where the artist comes to position himself. RNST sees its creations as real bridges between the world and its intimate universe in order to ask questions, disturb and question...

But his commitment is not limited to taking sides for a cause. His speech reveals a multitude of influences that feed his work. RNST has fun mixing elements that seems unrelated to each other, which, when assembled, reach a completely different dimension than their first level of reading.

"My art does not belong to me. I prefer that people ask themselves questions and make their own interpretation."


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